GAGLIARDI DESIGN is a family owned and operated  company located in Southern
    California, owned by Franco Gagliardi.  Our intention
    is to bring stylish exotic designs to the auto enthusiast who has
    the passion for something unique and timeless.  We have
    been in the custom car fabrication and kit car industry for over 17 years building
    cars for television, movies and shows as well as building for a few
    well known kit car companies.  Finally, we decided it was time
    to bring our passion and designs to the kit car world, which led to
    the introduction of the GAGLIARDI VENDETTA.

    The VENDETTA is a Franco Gagliardi design and  our goal was to capture the spirit
    of a true Italian exotic car.  The car started as just an idea and after a simple twenty
    minute sketch, the Gagliardi  family decided to bring this design to life.  Taking over
    one year to create, we feel we have reached our goal with the Vendetta style and
    design.  The body was designed to accept a donor car as well as a custom tubular
    chassis, giving the Vendetta the versatility to be built as an affordable cruiser or as a
    high performance super car.  One of the biggest challenges that the Vendetta had to
    endure was to be presented to and accepted by the kit car community.
    Although the car was scheduled to be completed for it's debut at the Knott's Berry
    Farm AHA Show, it was far from being complete due to design changes.
    We found ourselves having to make the tough decision of whether or not to display the
    car in it's unfinished state.  After taking into consideration that our main goal was to
    display the Vendetta's style and design, we  voted  to enter the show.  After receiving
    a  tremendous  amount of positive comments from the crowd,  we started to feel that
    maybe we  had made the right decision.  Well, as it turned out, the VENDETTA was
    awarded first place in it's category.