About the VEX

The VEX its built on a 2005 to 2012 Porsche 987
Boxster that has been stretched.

The idea behind this car was to make something
stylish and ultra custom but at the same time
respecting all the engineering
functionality and reliability
of the original  donor car,
especially as this is a Porsche

A few VEX specifications
wheel base of 107''
80'' wide (rear)
73'' wide (front)
43'' tall
4.5'' ground clearance
20'' wheels
all DOT glass
projector headlights
LED tailights

The VEX its built utilizing
customers donor
Porsche boxster with a build time of approximately 12

The VEX Interior
We did our best to keep most of the original Porsche boxster
interior intact...Why?  well...for various reasons, to name a few
everything functions like it should, you sit at the right
comfortable position on fully functional electric seats, it has
great quality,  believe it or not keeping this interior was the
hardest part of the designing of this VEX and at the end of the
day if someone regonizes and ask "its that a custom porsche?"
We think that's the biggest wow factor of the VEX
Removable hard top
that can be stored in the back compartment
aside of the roof storage
there is 2 full trunks one in front and one on
the rear.

we are also working on offering a glass
hardtop option  for the VEX.
Photo Gallery
The sound
All Vex are equipped with a Custom exhaust
dual mufflers and custom tip that gives a truly

distinct sound.

Thank you for all your enquiries
we are working hard to get all information posted,
more about this VEX will be posted soon